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Welcome to Katy Rose Bespoke Clothing, Accessories and Keepsakes.

I am Katy, a farmers wife and a stay at home mum to my two gorgeous boys, two dogs, a cat and seven chickens.


I have always loved sewing and achieved high levels at both GCSE and A level. At one point I even wanted to be a wedding dress designer! I continued to sew throughout university making fancy dress costumes for myself and friends. Sewing then took a bit of a back seat, working full time as a Science teacher and being married to a farmer all of my spare time was used for other things. Until I became pregnant in 2016, I decided to make an appliqued blanket, curtains and cushions for the nursery and my love for sewing was reborn.  


When my first was about a year old I decided I wanted to make a memory bear with all of his special clothes. I was drawn to an Elephant pattern and decided I would give it a go! After a few practice attempts I decided I would be brave and cut up his special clothes to make my first ever Patchwork Memory Elephant.  


From there..

After receiving such positive feedback for my Elephants I began taking orders. I was inspired, I wanted to strive to achieve more. This, along with my youngest potty training himself early and not being able to find pants to fit him (he needed age 6-12 months as he has a tiny waist)  pushed me to branch into making clothes.


I have always struggled to find clothes to fit both of my boys as they are both tall with a slim build. So Katy Rose Bespoke Clothing was born.

Now I do not have to worry about buying clothes to fit them, I can make them both bespoke items that fit their body shapes perfectly.

I also find it hard to find long enough tops for my torso, and long enough leggings for myself, so I began making adult clothes too!

My website offers a range of adults and children's clothes in which with your measurements I can make a truly bespoke and well fitting item. 

If you would like something made I currently don't offer on my website, please get in touch as I am always happy to help where I can, and expand my clothing range


I want to share my love of bright and bold unisex prints to make beautiful bespoke clothes for adults and children.


I  want to help people who struggle to find gorgeous and well fitting clothes for themselves or their children.


I want my customers to enjoy shopping for clothes, by providing a bespoke service with an exceptional level of customer service.


I am passion about reducing waste as much as possible, along with making facewipes  I also donate material remnants to two other small businesses:



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