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Memory Elephants block fabric option

Memory Elephants block fabric option

Memory Elephant

These Elephants can be made from special items of clothing, and can either be made as patchwork or as solid block Elephants. Most clothing items can be used, baby clothes, Jumpers, T-shirts, I have even used a dressing gown. But please contact me if you have other items to ensure I will be able to help you before ordering.


Due to the fact that these are such special items please feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements. I also like to keep you up to date throughout the process.


If using baby clothes ideally I need approximately 6-8 Baby grows (if smaller sizes)


There are three different trunk options to choose from:

Down and under

Down and forwards

Forwards and up


Elephant size is approximately

25cm High

27cm Long (depending on trunk option)

12cm Wide


They do have safety eyes and are stuffed with a hollow fibre stuffing.


These Elephants are not toys,

Due to the nature of these they can not be safety tested and thus ARE NOT TOYS.

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  • Washing Instructions

    If your Elephant gets dirty please first sponge it down with cold water. If needed, you may handwash it, however, be careful as when the stuffing gets totally wet and then dries it can move. 


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